Virtual KC

We are bringing Kids Connect to your home. Watch videos below and take advantage of the provided documents to enhance your child’s experience and understanding.

Also, stay Connected with one another by sending us something back. Click button below to send Mrs. Victoria a comment, something you learned, or a picture of you while participating in Virtual KC. With you permission Mrs. Victoria will share this with our community!

Introduction to Kids Connect at Home

Victoria Smathers explains how Main Street United Methodist Church is helping you and your kids stay connect at home!

July Kids Connect Video Lessons

Elementary Lesson for Week 1

Preschool Lesson for Week 1

Week 2

Elementary Lesson for Week 2

Preschool Lesson for Week 2

Week 3

Elementary Lesson for Week 3

Preschool Lesson Week 3

Week 4

Elementary Lesson Week 4

Preschool Lesson Week 4

Week 5

Elementary Lesson Week 5

Preschool Lesson Week 5